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Can't get here soon enough!

Can't wait to get out there and fill the box with walleye! Reports to follow!

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Bar. - 30.12" F | Winds - NW@15mph | Waves - 2-4's | Water Temp - 55.9° | Clarity - Heavy Stain

This section will contain a quick summary of our conditions and location.

This section will tell you more about the program we ran.... what lures, leads, speed, etc. We also include what colors were working best. Below you'll find links to photos of the lures, along with photos of the catch, and the map showing our trail for the day.

Speed: 1.8kts
Leads: 45' - 55'
Direction: Any...didn't matter!
FOW: 18'-20'

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Pirate Clipper is back in the water!

Winter is behind us, launch day is here! The Pirate Clipper is back in the water! Now, a few shake-down runs on the water to work the cobwebs out, and we'll be ready to roll!

We still have a few early spring dates open! Call SOON !!!

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Shake-down Run #1 !!!

Always an exciting day to get back on the lake for the first time each year! It's not always so much about catching fish, as it is getting out there, setting up all of the equipment, running the systems, and just making sure we've got everything it top condition and ready to go! However, putting a few fish in the box for dinner is a great bonus! We ran right up between South Bass and Kelleys, and set a few rods out. We managed to capture 3 and lost 3 more while we were checking things out. Enough for my dinner!

Bandits today. I didn't check the leads, as the guys in the back were just messing around! But we caught a few!

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Shake-down Run #2

Back up the middle again, just fine-tuning all the gear. Same as yesterday, I'm checking out everything on the boat, while my group of volunteers is fishing off the back. Today they pulled 8 fish while I was tweaking all the equipment.

Bandits, again, don't know what they were running, I was busy with other things!

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Hunting for fish today!

Today counts - we're out to catch some PIGS! We went west, near D-Can, and a little NE of the can. Marks were good, water a bit stained. Looking for 20 walleye, but really more interested in trophies! And we found some BIG ONES! Ended with 9 nice walleye! One of the biggest fish was tagged! Over 31" and near 13 lbs.
UPDATE: Tag info came back - tagged April 22, 2004 in Lake Erie near Raisin River, MI. Tagged as a 24" female. We caught it 4,724 days after it was released. That's almost 13 years to the day! Given it was 24" when tagged, it is estimated that this fish was 17-18 years old.

Bandits 45' leads were best.

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Another Catch Photo! Sorry, no map today!

When's it gonna warm up???

Still a little chilly for this time of year! We worked the area around Starve Is. Reef today, looking for big fish instead of numbers. We found a few nice ones, but also had short fish mixed in! Super great group today! They ran the rods like pros! Captured only 6 nice walleye. Water is still pretty stained.

Bandits 45' to 75' leads.

Sorry, no catch photo today! Sorry, no map today!

Looking for cleaner water...

Scouting mission today. Went west today, in the G-Can neighborhood... Having trouble finding clean water, seems to be fairly dirty everywhere! Also finding short fish everywhere we go! We did manage to find 6 trophy walleye, but had a great time catching the little ones too!

Bandits again, 40' - 60', and tried some deeper. Mostly short fish on the deeper leads.

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Still prospecting...

We put a lot of miles on today, fishing D-Can, Crib Reef, Round Reef, and running all the way to K-Can. Found lots of marks, and lots of short fish! Put 6 in box, was looking for 16.

Bandits 45' - 55' caught the keepers.

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Can't seem to catch a break with the weather!

It's almost like winter came back...very cool temps, surface temp not really increasing. Fish are staying lethargic. We're still trolling the open water outside the reef complex, and sometimes running in and dragging baits right near the rocks. We're finding large numbers of short fish everywhere! Everyone I talk to says the same thing. We're all pounding through the shorts, looking for keepers to go in the box. Wait 'til next year! All these short fish will be going in the box!

Bandits - Deep Husky Jerks - 45' - 85' leads.

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On the hunt for BIG fish!

Looking for big ones today! Found crystal clear water and good numbers of fish off the west end of Kelley's Island. Calm winds and flat water today. We ran a north/south line in about 32 to 35 FOW, and boxed 16 nice size walleye! Lost a few more, but that happens...

Bandits 55' or 100'. Both caught, but nothing in between!

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Little breezy today...

Nice SW breeze at 15-20mph today, waves only 2's. Today we worked the area on and around Round Reef. Quite a few fish in this area. Bites were slow but steady, enough to keep us there. Needed 20 walleye for the day, ended with 19. Wish we hadn't lost a few!

Pulled Bandits, 45' to 60' back.

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Father/Son group today!

Just two sponsors on board today, the double edged sword! Only need 8 walleye, but can't run my full set up of rods! Had to run a little further, to find the right water, and some biting fish. Ended up just on the east side of Locust Reef today. Needed 8, captured 8. Good day!

Bandits again, 45' to 60' leads.

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Looking only for BIG fish today...

Late start today, waiting on the weather. Our sponsors today and tomorrow aren't as concerned with a limit as much as they want big fish. Looking for a wall-hangar! Instead of heading west where there are larger numbers of fish, we went slightly east, looking for a trophy. What we found was a few small fish. No trophy today, and not many numbers either!

Bandits, 45' to 100', picked some fish high, pulled a few down low! No pattern today.

Sorry, no catch photo today! Sorry, no map today!

Day, 2 group, same mission.

Fairly windy today, winds NE at 20mph. Still looking for that wall-hanger. Today we went up between the islands, off the west side of South Bass. We were marking a good number of suspended fish along the island north of the State Park. Slow pick on these fish, but definitely a better grade! Ended with 10 fish, 3 of those were Fish Ohio's, and our Wall-Hanger, just barely touching 30"!

Bandits again today, one side high at 45' - 55', other side 85' to 105' leads. Both sides caught.

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Trip for Pooh Bear Charters today.

The marks were good enough yesterday to go back just west of Put-In-Bay today. Bites were a little quicker today, and the fish were higher. We were looking for 24 walleye, captured 18 of them. Lost a few more along the way, but that happens. Had a great time!

Bandits 40' and 50' back did all the work today.

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Great repeat group today!

Awesome group of guys to fish with, they come out enough, they're like seasoned pros! Went west again, in the area of Toussaint Reef, and to the south and west of it. No shortage of fish in this area, and some larger fish have joined this crowd. Needed 24 walleye today, captured all 24, plus the mate brought in 4 more while we broke down the rods! 28 in the box!

All Bandits, 40' - 50' - 60' leads.

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Mother Erie got pissed!

Weather forecast today - winds around 10mph, slowly building to 20mph by 6pm. Sounds good, right? We went west again, same area as yesterday near Toussaint Reef. Just about the time we got all 16 lines in the water, the wind switched straight out of the north, blowing 30+mph. We were already catching fish right out of the gate, but within 30 minutes, this water was ugly! Real ugly! 6'-8' breakers, rolling white water as far as you could see. Time to move. We traveled the most comfortable line we could, NE, taking the waves on the port bow, spinning props out of water with every 4th or 5th wave. We trudged our way up between the islands, where we'd been fishing a few days ago. Water was protected and calm, so we set up, and pulled one long pull towards Catawba. We found a couple pockets of fish along the way. Ended with 15 on my boat, other boat in this group took 14. Most very respectable size fish! Side note: I hope the weather forecaster got fired.

Bandits 45'-60', switched some deeper as we trolled south toward Catawba.

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Three boat trip today!

This group booked three boats, and ended up putting 4 men per boat. Very strong east wind today - 25+mph. We led all three boats to the west side of Catawba to find calm water. Turns out to be a good call, because we also found a ton of hungry walleye! Tucked in tight to the west side, off CIC and slightly south, we steadily picked fish. Ended with a full limit for the crew of each boat! Not bad for a windy day!

Bandits 40' - 55' back. Blue/Chrome was probably the best color.

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Weather has killed us!!!!

We've lost the entire first week of May to bad weather! Monday, May 1 through Friday, May 5 all had to cancel due to weather! This morning was still windy, but laying down, finally! We were able to get out at 12 Noon to make the best of it. Wind still 25mph WNW, waves 3'-4', so we went up under the Monument, east side of South Bass Is., hoping for the best. Lots of marks throughout the area, but few takers in the open water. Found a spot, and I mean a TINY SPOT, holding BIG FISH! Miss that spot by 30 feet and you get nothing. Hit it, and hook up with one or two PIGS! Fished a few hours and took 9 walleye, 7 were Fish Ohio's, the other 2 just a little shy. Lost 3 or 4 more fish also.

Bandits, pulled slow, 45' leads. Water very stained.

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Tournament Day

Day 2 with same group, hoping for a repeat of yesterday, only with more fish! We worked the same areas, south east of the Monument, even worked further north from there. Lots of marks in the open water, but these fish aren't in the biting mood! I should note: we're fishing a private tournament, therefore we're not looking for numbers, more for big fish. I've heard of more fish being caught to the west, but not much size to them. We're staying here, hoping to get the big girls in the box. Just not in the cards today, and we ended with 4 fish.

Bandits again, anywhere from 45' back to 125' back.

Sorry, no catch photo today! Click here to view the map.

West to the rocks again!

Worked Toussaint Reef pretty hard today, and it payed off well! We were looking for 30 walleye today, put 25 nice ones in the box, handled many more short fish! Can't wait until all these little fish grow up!!! Had a great time, crew picked up the program very easily.

Bandits 40' to 50' back.

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Still feeling the effects....

Our weather this spring has been a little tough on us, and we're still feelin it. Just hoping to get enough stable days for the water to clean up a bit, and get these fish into the biting mood. Still catching some short fish, and trying hard to pick larger fish out of the pack. We worked the area around Sugar Island today... not too many of the suspended open water fish wanted to bite, so we started pulling right up in tight to the shoreline, and west point of Sugar. Found some bigger fish in there, and willing to bite!

Keepers came on Bandits, 35' to 65' back, even up in the shallows, baits ticking the bottom.

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Hitting the reefs...

Went west today, looking for a better concentration of keeper size fish. Water is still pretty stained, so we pulled crankbaits right in the rocks. We caught a good number of smaller fish doing this, with the occasional big fish mixed in. Worked up to Niagara, but nothing there. Went back to Crib. Lot of catching for 12 keepers. Hoping the water cleans up soon! The marks in the open water are unbelievable!

Bandits - 45' - 55' back.

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Back up the middle again...

We keep saying, "wait until next year!" Today we worked the area between the islands, several scattered pockets of fish. Picking bigger fish out of those schools was tough. Tons of fun catching fish! Just wish they were all big enough to keep! Wait 'til next year!!!

Bandits - anywhere from 45' to 125' back! Short fish everywhere! Settled into 55' for keepers.

Sorry, no catch photo today! Click here to view the map.

What should be easy...

Only 2 people on board today, so we're running 4 rods per side. You'd think 12 fish would be easy, but today, they're not biting - anywhere. We've got great marks, and we're picking at some shorts, but not much from the bigger fish. I've talked to other charters for 20 miles to the west, and I'm hearing it's tough everywhere. One of those days! Only 4 fish volunteered to take a ride in our cooler today. This must be their day of rest before they go crazy!

We tried it all, what can I say...

Sorry, no catch photo today! Sorry, no map today!

And today, they go crazy !!!

After yesterday, I knew it was coming! Hungry fish today! Went back to the west, reef pounding. Calm winds, calm water, clear skies. Pulled their 6 man limit, with many short fish mixed in!

Bandits 40' - 55' back, mostly right up in the rocks.

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Back to the rocks!

Went back the reefs again today, but the fish are gone! Only a few shorts on the rock piles. Spent some time looking, and picking at some keepers, and talking to the other boats. Got a tip worth checking, ran down inside near the Portage. Found some biting fish! A lot of shorts again, but enough keepers mixed in to get it done! Needed 30 fish today, ended with 32.

Switched to #40 Tru-Trips and spoons - 25' - 30' - 35' leads, scorpion spoons.

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Strong south wind today!

Strong winds from the south had us hugging the shoreline today. Went back down by the river, where we were yesterday. Still a lot of fish, but it seems more shorts than keepers! Switched back to Bandits hoping to discourage the smaller fish. These smaller fish are eating everything that moves! Finished with 21 keepers and I don't know how many shorts we handled!

Bandits 45' to 55' back, mostly in 14 to 17 FOW.

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Running for Pooh Bear Charters today...

25+ mph west wind today, 3-4' waves. We went straight up and set up on the downwind across Scott Point Shoal. Fish were holding very tight in the rocks today! Ventured on down to Mouse Is., but didn't find much there. Concentrated on Scott Pt. These were BIG FISH! Ended the trip with 31 very nice walleye!

Bandits 80' and 90' back, ticking through the rocks picked out BIG FISH today!

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Another windy day!

Wind switched to an ENE wind, building. Waves 3-4 today. We worked Scott Point Shoal again, and we were hooking up fish! Landing these fish was a different story! I think the weather had the fish just barely nipping the back end of the lures, the ones we landed were barely hooked, and had 20+ hookups that came unglued. It's tough to reel slow when the excitement level is high, but it becomes critical to landing this fish. Needed 30, and should have had them. Brought in 10 solid fish though! Still a fun day filled with lots of action!

Bandits 75' to 90' back again.

Sorry, no catch photo today! Click here to view the map.

Calm weather again, finally!

Weather caused us to reschedule yesterday, but we're back out today! Back to Scott Point Shoal today, same as the last 2 trips. Winds less than 12 MPH, waves 2'. We worked the rock pile again, but the number of BIG fish that we've had there is diminishing. Smaller fish are moving in. Still caught a good number of very nice fish, but we also handled more shorts than we have been seeing there. Still a great day!

Still pulling Bandits 80' to 90', ticking the rocks.

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Stiff west wind...

Fairly strong west winds overnight has the lake a little bumpy! With only 2 sponsors today, plus myself and First Mate, we're limited on rods. We went right out into the protected water east of Catawba and set up. We did manage to pick a few fish off West Harbor Shoal and Middle Harbor Shoal, but they were just keepers. Wind has been laying back, and the crew decided that they'd brave the waters above Catawba. Scott Point Shoal is where we want to be. We trolled our way on up there, and angled across the shoal from the west. Boom Boom Boom - there they are! Bigger fish are still holding right on top of the shoal, only took a few passes to catch their limit! First Mate took 5 of his also...

Pulled Bandits 80' - 90' back. Digging them right into the rocks across the shoal was pulling the bigger fish.

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Time to make a move...

We started on Scott Point Shoal again today, and worked over to Mouse Is. Reef, and up to Starve... not catching like we're hoped to. Pulled our gear and made the run to D-Can. Plenty of fish in this area, just a lot of short fish mixed in. The action was about non-stop, but the shorts were about 4 to 1! Wait until next year when all these fish get bigger! We ended up with 6 tired arms from all the catching, and 24 fish inthe box.

Bandits on one side 55' - 75' back, #40 Tru-Trips with spoons on the other 35' 45' back.

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Fish close to home!

Today's trip we ran for Pooh Bear Charters. Headed straight out of West Harbor, and set up west of American Eagle. There are walleye scattered over a huge area here now, we've just got to try to zero in on the bigger ones. It seems there are fish of all sizes mixed together right now, and a ton of 2014 fish at 14" long... I can't guess how many fish we handled today! Ended only 3 fish shy of our limit.

All Bandits today, trying to pick out larger fish. Leads were 75' to 90'. It almost doesn't matter what you put in the water, these 14" walleye are ferocious!

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Back to the Eagle today!

Right back to where we were yesterday, starting west of American Eagle and searching for bigger fish. Found a good concentration of fish along the north edge, holding just outside the drop. Still some shorts mixed in, but I think we're going to see that all year! Needed 30 for their limit, and captured all 30 today.

Bandits 75' to 90' leads again. Shorter leads seemed to take more short fish.

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Don't change what's working!

Back to American Eagle today! Winds were pretty strong, WNW at 23 but diminishing all day, with low cloud cover. We found a few larger fish still holding on Scott Point Shoal, but just not enough fish to keep us there. We worked our way over towards American Eagle again. Found a good concentration holding just outside the west thumb above the Eagle, and finished the day with their 6-man limit plus one bonus fish on the cleanup.

#40 Tru-Trips with scorpion spoons,40' - 45' leads. Speed up to 1.8 to 2.0 kts.

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Shorts! Shorts! Shorts!

Had to work real hard today! Non-stop action reeling in walleye from the 2014 year class, but plenty of nice fish mixed in! We started on the Eagle again, but ended up finding more fish had moved north. Most of the catching was done about 1 to 2 nm north of drop. Hard work pays off, and we ended with their 6 limits plus 3 bonus fish while we were pulling rods.

All #40 Tru-Trips with scorpion spoons, 45' - 50' - 55' leads today.

Click here to view the Catch! Sorry, no map today!

Boat traffic is a living nightmare!

Memorial Day Weekend, and as usual, a million boats looking for walleye, so we decided to head off into unknown territory to avoid the 'convention'. We started to head west again, and ran across marks that I had to check out just past the ferry lanes above Catawba. Good call if I may say so myself! Just NW of Catawba Cliffs, we dropped the gear, and proceeded to steadily pull keeper after keeper, only a few shorts mixed into this school. We tried to keep the net down low as no less than 40 boats ran right past us heading for the bite around D-E Cans. Only one other boat couldn't resist the curiosity, and set up in there with us. I had to call in a few other charters as well. It was too good not to! Had no trouble pulling their 6-man limit, one bonus fish while we were cleaning up. Better grade of fish!

All #40 Tru-Trips, scorpion spoons. Only 25' to 45' leads today.

Click here to view the Catch! Sorry, no map today!

Fast action once we found'em today!

West wind today has the lake at about 3'-4's, forecast to lay back. We ran up near Scott Point Shoal, and started a long pull downhill. Picked a few fish here and there, but nothing worth turning around for... Found the largest concentrations of fish south of American Eagle / SW of Kelleys. As the wind layed back, only a couple turns down there was all it took to fill the box quick! Started breaking down with 36 fish, ended with 41 keepers in the box. Most fish in 24 FOW.

Another Tru-Trippin' Day! #40 TT's only 25' and 30' leads - higher fish today. All scorpion spoons.

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Trip for Pooh Bear Charters today!

We went straight back to where we beat'em up yesterday, and proceeded to WOMP'EM !!! Fast as you could reel them today, fish after fish! Still shorts mixed with nice fish, but that's going to be expected everywhere this year. We pulled their 6-man limit, plus 2 bonus fish while we pulled the rods. What more can you ask for?!?!?!

#40 Tru-Trips 25' - 30' - 35' leads - spoons - all were on fire!

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2 Boat Trip with BigFishTuff

Started right where we WHACKED'EM the last two days, but the rods weren't bending... We looked a little further east and a little deeper water - and there they were! Now in 33 to 35 FOW, but the fish were still up higher. Pulled their 36 fish with no problems! Great day!

All #40 Tru-Trips again, same leads - 35' - 30' - 35' - scorpion spoons.

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Going prospecting again...

Decided to head north today...I don't think all of those fish tht were holding around American Eagle went south and east. Had to do a little searching, but we found nice grade of fish scattered west of Gull Shoal. Tried a pass around the rocks, but nothing to speak of there. They were still suspended in the open water. Needed 30 fish today, ended with 31 and a nice Yellow Perch.

#40 Tru-Trips with spoons, 35' to 55' leads.

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Steady action all day!

Started in the area southeast of Perry's Monument. We pulled 16 fish in there, but not fast enough. We moved up to the area around Lucy's then east from there. We needed 30 walleye for the day, ended with 32 in the box. Limit catch!

#40 Tru-Trips with spoons. 35' to 55' back.

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Only 2 people today!

Great father/son group today! We worked the area between Lucy's and Gull Shoal. Pulled fish all over the place! Lots of short fish, and plenty of keepers mixed throughout! Had a great time watching these 2 guys run the rods! They caught their limit, and were gracious enough to let me catch mine, and the First Mate brought a few in also! Fun day with just a few of us!

#40 Tru-Trips with spoons. 45' to 65' was all we needed!

Click here to view the Catch! Sorry, no map today!

Running for Pooh Bear Charters today!

Day 1 of 2 with awesome repeat group! We started just off Lucy's Point, and worked the area between the point and the Canadian line. These fish have been sliding north towards the border, but are still abundant and hungry!! Needed 30 walleye today, put 30 nice keepers in the box!

#40 Tru-Trips with harnesses still doing the work! 65' and 75' leads.

Island Drop-Off today, no photo! Sorry, somehow no map saved today!

Day 2 - Pooh Bear Charters group.

Day 2 with the same group, pick up at Put-In-Bay. We came out of the bay and ran right up along the Canadian line, as we've been watching these fish shift towards Canadian waters for a few days now. We hugged the line as close as possible, looking for 30 walleye. We managed to pull 25 keepers plus 1 bonus Yellow Perch. A very good day!

#40 Tru-Trips with harnesses, 75' back was best.

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Afternoon Trip - Canada - Walleye BEAT-DOWN !!!

Pulled a quick-turn today, and went right back out with the second trip. Made our call-in to Canada, headed straight to the area close to Hen Island. As soon as we started dropping gear in the water it was GAME ON! These fish were stacked like cordwood and hungry! Made short work of this trip, putting 38 keepers in the box in under 3 hours! Crew learned quickly and had an absolute blast trying to keep up with the fish!

#40 Tru-Trips with scorpion spoons, 35' and 45' back was all we set out.

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Trip for Eagle Eye Charters Today

Crew's choice today was to stay in US waters. We went up to the area of Kelley Shoal, and worked east from there. Found a good number of fish, still many short fish, but a few real PIGS mixed in there! No shortage of action today, and everyone had a great time!

#40 Tru-Trips with worm harnesses. 65' - 75' - 85' leads worked today.

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Short Afternoon Trip for Pooh Bear Charters

Today's group wanted a short afternoon trip, 2PM departure time, US waters. We headed back up to the area around Rattlesnake, as there have been fish holding in this area since spring. Most of these fish are still short, but there have been keepers mixed in. We caught a fair number of short fish, a few sheephead, also some white bass. The cooler received 5 keeper walleye and 2 Yellow Perch. The crew had a great time, enjoyed catching the variety that we found, and took enough fish for dinner this evening - mission accomplished!

#40 Tru-Trips with scorpion and stinger spoons. 55' - 75' back.

Sorry, no photo! Click here to view the map.

Chasing French Speaking Canadian Walleye!

Jumped the fence into Canada again today, worked the area around outer Mill Point. Tons of walleye are holding in close to the reef right now, and a lot of the bigger fish are right in close. Pulled our 6 man limit, plus 2 extra fish on the cleanup. Excellent grade of fish today!

#40 Tru-Trips with Stinger Spoons, 45' - 55' - 65' leads.

Click here to view the Catch! Sorry, no map saved today!

Oh' Canada! Oh' Canada!

Today's trip was for 'EyeTime Charters, and off to Canada we went! We initially set up in the area south of Mill Point, and were picking some decent fish. As that area dried up on us, we worked more to the east, and found more fish. Had no trouble taking 36 nice fish, with a couple of BRUISERS mixed in there!

#40 Tru-Trips with Stinger Spoons, 45' and 55' leads were best. #50 Tru=Trips at 40' leads off the corners.

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Kelley's Island Tour

I had special instructions today... "I'd like to learn about fishing around Kelley's Island." No problem, we'll fish around some, highlight some of the most popular structure around the island, and talk about the areas and times of year fish tend to hold here. The strong south wind was a bit of a hinderence...which made for tough conditions along the east and west side of the island. We ended up in North Bay, and found TONS of fish there! Mostly just a touch shy of the 15" mark though. Worked a little closer to Kelley Shoal, and started to box some keepers. Would have started here earlier if we didn't spend so much time talking about and pointing out other areas around the east side.

#40 Tru-Trips with scorpion spoons, 35' - 45' - 55' leads. Ran some harnesses deeper on the east side of the island, which pulled one big fish, just no real numbers.

Island pick-up today, sorry, no photo! Click here to view the map.

Short afternoon trip for 'EyeTime today...

Somedays the bite is great early, others it can be great later or all day! Today was an early bite, and from what I've heard since, was a good late afternoon bite also. Just not so good right the heat of the day. We worked the area ENE of the Cedar Point dump again. Marks were there, but they were really tricky about biting. Pulled a good number of slightly short fish, only 7 keepers to show for the efforts. Short trips through the middle of the day can be tough! Still a fun and educational trip for the crew with a lot of action!

#40 Tru-Trips, ran spoons and worm harnesses. Leads anywhere from 45' to 95', short fish all over the column, the keepers mostly around 55' back.

Sorry, no photo today! Click here to view the map.

Two boat trip with Pooh Bear Charters

Ran northwest today, up to the Kidney and west from there. Tons of fish, however, still as many shorts as keepers. Everyone had a great time, and in the end, we put up a nice board of fish!

#40 Tru-Trips, switched to worms trying to pick out the larger fish. 55' - 75' back was best.

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Pooh Bear Charters Trip - US Waters

Windy, rainy day - 20-25+mph west winds. We did a lot of searching today for keeper size fish, and only captured 5. One bonus Yellow Perch. Smaller fish were pretty abundant, which still has us saying, "Wait until next year!" There was a lot of action, and a lot of fun, just not a lot going in the cooler!

No catch photo today! Click here to view the map.

Trip for Pooh Bear Charters into Canada

Ran for Pooh Bear today, working the open Canadian waters between Pelee Is. and the weather bouy. There has been a good number of larger fish holding in this area. Beautiful weather today made a sweet ride! Needed 24 walleye, finished with 25 plus one BIG White Bass.

#40 Tru-Trips with Stinger Spoons 45'-65' back, along with #50 Tru-Trips off the corners, 40' back.

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What??? The Pirate Clipper is casting??? Yep!!!

Today we were the 2nd boat of a 2 boat group with Parker Here, and these guys wanted to try their hand at casting for walleye. No problem! Let's cast! We caught a ton of fish, however, mostly a ton of 14" walleye. Everyone did a great job! That's been the issue with casting lately, trying to get to the larger fish. These little guys are ferocious! We caught a bunch, it was a ton of fun, and we put 12 keepers in the box.

Casting - single hook, single blade harness, #4 gold Colorado blade, in and around Scott Point Shoal.

Sorry, no catch photo! And no map! Sorry!

Hurricane Fishin' !!!

Very strong west wind today - 25+ mph, creating 3-4's waves in the open water, even higher away from the islands. Today, we took a chance and decided to hug the south shore for protection, and look for walleye close in. It paid off, and we found quite a few off Sawmill Creek! We really made a one way pull from just east of Cedar Point towards Huron. We turned around after we found the herd just off Sawmill, but it was really tough trying to fish going into those waves. Crew had all they wanted, and were happy to end the day with 27 nice walleye.

Another #40 Tru-Trip day! Worm harnesses behind TT's, 45' to 65' did the damage.

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Hard work Today!

We started in the area northwest of Kelleys, but weren't pulling many from the water. Decided to move northeast towards Old C Can, even though that's where all the commercial nets are. Marked a lot of fish up in that area, mostly real deep marks. These fish were pretty lethargic today. It seems the ones we caught were either really nice size, or short...not much in between! Ended with 15 keepers.

#40 Tru-Trips with worm harnesses, pulled anywhere from 45' to 125' back, most of the larger fish caught 105'-125'back.

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On the Search for Perch!

Quick scouting mission today, and the weather WILL NOT cooperate! Winds 20+ mph from SW switch to North. We looked in the area of Lakeside to the lighthouse, and didn't find much there. Seems these perch are really on the move right now. Couple hours looking, we brought in 4.

Sorry, no photo! Click here to view the map.

07/01/17 - 2 person Trip for Pooh Bear

Went east of Cedar Point again, with only 2 sponsors, 2 First Mates, plus myself. Fish were biting well today, but still dealing with the short fish mixed in with the keeepers. With 10 rods in the water, it was pretty constant action! Put 27 keepers plus 3 bonus perch in the box!

#40 Tru-Trips and spoons still producing. 35', 45', and 75' leads all catching today.

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07/02/17 - Team DeGraff Limits!

Fishing has been a bit challenging the last few days, it seems they're either on fire, or dead, without much in between! Today's crew was an absolute BLAST to fish with, each one having a great time running the rods and reeling in fish! We found a nice pocket of fish willing to bite, some nice size fish, and quite a few shorts. The fish are still taking spoons, which is quick and easy for this first time crew to handle. They put in the work, and were rewarded in the end with a limit of walleye!

#40 Tru-Trips with scorpion spoons. 45' - 65' leads were best.

Click here to view the Catch! Sorry, no map. East of Cedar Point a few miles.

07/03/17 AM - Cycle the rods!!!

Headed out to the area west of Gull Shoal. This area is holding an unbelievable number of fish right now! But, just like everywhere else on the lake, we're dealing with lots of short fish. A great sign for our future! A quick lesson on setting the rods, and this group was off and running! We did a lot of catching, with a lot of fish being just under the 15" size limit. We put 17 nice keepers in the box, and dropped a few others that would have made it in also. Like we keep saying, "Wait until next year!!!"

#40 Tru-Trips, harnesses. 55' - 75' leads.

Sorry, no catch photo today. Technological error = no map today.

07/03/17 PM - Quick outing!

Back to the same area again, west of Gull Shoal. There are a ton of fish in this area, lots of shorts mixed in with keepers, but enough keepers we're not heading anywhere else! We set up, and let the games begin! Short, short, short, keeper, repeat! Wish we had more time, but the primary sponsor (the one paying the bill...) got stuck in traffic! Delayed our departure by over an hour.. Nonetheless, we had a great time, tons of fishing action, and enjoyed a gorgeous sunset ride back in. 7 keepers in the box turned into a delicious dinner for these guys!

#40 Tru-Trips and worm harnesses are still the go-to bait. Leads 55' to 65' best.

Evening trip - sorry, no photo! Click here to view the map.

07/06/17 AM - Walleye limit!

First time family group today, and they got'em all! Needed 30 walleye, finished with 32 plus 1 yellow perch. This group had a great time working the rods, and had no problem figuring out to make it work! Awesome watching the kids learn the program! Fished the open water east of Cedar Point, 36 +/- FOW.

#40 Tru-Trips with worm harnesses, 55' leads were best today.

Click here to view the Catch! Sorry, no map for this trip!

07/06/17 PM - Looking for Perch!

Quick evening trip today, and wow - the fish don't want to cooperate! Made 5 moves looking for perch that would bite, but everywhere we went, lockjaw prevailed. Had fun trying though, and we ended up capturing only 18 yellow perch and 1 walleye.

No catch photo! Click here to view the map.

07/07/17 - First time group today - limit catch!

First time group of 4 today, and had a blast showing these guys how to get it done! They picked up on the program real quick, and had no trouble setting the lines and keeping up! Ended with their limit, plus a bonus walleye and 2 yellow perch! Fished 36-40 FOW east of Cedar Point

#40 Tru-Trips, worm harnesses, 55' - 75' leads.

Click here to view the Catch! Sorry, no map today.

07/08/17 - Trip for Pooh Bear Charters

Ran east towards Huron again, and really drilled 'em! Needed 36 for theirs, took two bonus fish on the cleanup. Awesome day!

#40 Tru-Trips with worm harnesses, 55' - 65' - 75' leads.

Click here to view the Catch! Sorry, no map today!

07/09/17 - Trip for Pooh Bear Charters

Ran east just past Cedar Point today, and landed on the motherlode!!! Put 41 keepers in the box, back a the dock by 1PM.

#40 Tru-Trips with worm harnesses, 55' - 65' - 75' leads. Fast as you could go!

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07/13/17 - Half-Day Afternoon Trip

Fished the Sandusky shipping channel this afternoon. Lots of fish, some shorts mixedd in again. On a half-day trip, half your limit or better is good. We needed 15 for half, ended with 25 plus a yellow perch and a couple white bass.

#40 Tru-Trips with harnesses.

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07/14/17 - One Pull Wonder!!!

Awesome Father/Sons trip today!!! Setup just past Cedar Point, made one pull to the east, and half pull back - done! Ended with 28 keepers! 10 of those for the Captain and Mate!

#40 Tru-Trips with harnesses, 45' - 65' back.

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07/15/17 - I'm not sure where to begin....

I'm gonna sum this day up with a couple lessons:
1. Late nights and bad hangovers won't help you on the boat in the morning.
2. If you don't know how you'll react to boat motion, take Dramamine!
3. If you're kids don't want to go fishing, don't make them!
Quit early with 11 keepers, 5 lost fish. Would have no problem to pull a limit today.

#40 Tru-Trips

No picture today. Click here to view the map.

07/16/17 - We "Schley"'d 'Em !!!

One of my First Mates this year, Stu Schley, is a West Point Cadet, with only one year left before graduation. Today's trip was Stu's father and some family friends. We were looking for 24 walleye. We worked the area west of Gull Shoal, some deeper water, and a few passes right along the rock. Got 'em done and ended with 26 keepers!

#40 Tru-Trips 45' - 55' back with harnesses did most of the catching. We took a couple on Bandits 60' to 75' back.

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07/18/17 AM - Canadian Trip for Pooh Bear Charters

Started off searching.... we went a little east of Middle Is., should have went west! While we we searching for fish, Bear started catching a few to the west side, so we picked up and ran back that way. We set up in that area, but weren't really pulling many fish. Seems it was a small pocket, so we headed north towards Sheridan. We found more fish up there, lots of shorts mixed in, but at least we stayed busy! Less keepers than shorts! Ended with 15, plus 1 nice yellow perch. We were looking for 30.

#40 Tru-Trips and worm harnesses. Had leads from 50' to 125', but the 75' to 95's were doing the most work.

Sorry! No photo today! Click here to view the map.

07/18/17 PM - Afternoon Trip

Quick evening trip today. Worked right up on the Canadian line, northwest of Middle Is. Seeing a few more short fish later in the day. Lots of action, but not as many going in the box! Great fun reeling in fish, just not all keepers. Finished with 9 walleye, 4 nice perch, and 4 monster size white bass.

#40 Tru-Trips pulling worm harnesses 75' +/- back.

Sorry! Too dark for photo! Click here to view the map.

07/19/17 - Short Afternoon Trip for BigFishTuff !

Picked up our group today at Put-In-Bay, along with a couple bowls of Lobster Bisque! I'm not sure what was better, the fishing, or the Bisque. Headed a little further east towards Middle Is. Found fish still holding in the same general area. Quick afternoon trip - half limit catch! Finished with 18 in only a couple hours.

#40 Tru-Trips 75' - 85' back, worm harnesses.

Island pick-up today, sorry, no photo! Click here to view the map.

07/20/17 - 2 boat trip with Eagle Eye Charters

Today we worked the area west of Gull Shoal again. Still a good number of fish in this area, but a strong number of short fish mixed in. Pulled a mixed box of big fish and eaters for the crew today, ending with 27 walleye and 4 bonus yellow perch.

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07/22/17 - Hard work PAYS OFF!!! - Limit catch!

Ran east into the open water east of Cedar Point, still a lot of fish there. Cycling through the smaller fish is becoming the name of the gme this year again....but the FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT! Worked our way through the little ones for another LIMIT catch in the box! Good job crew!!!

NEWS FLASH: Walleye number 1,500 for this season so far went into the cooler today!!!

#40 Tru-Trips, still pulling worm harnesses trying to deter the smaller fish...

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07/23/17 - Trip for Pooh Bear Charters

Ran east today - there is a lot of fish in this area, but the smaller fish are taking over! Cycled through quite a few short fish to put a limit of good eater size fish in the box today. Worked hard for them, but we got'em done!

#40 Tru-Trips back 75' to 95' with worm harnesses.

Sorry, no catch photo today! Click here to view the map.

07/24/17 - Pooh Bear Charters - 5 boat trip

Today we were one of five boats taking Amish builders out, we fished the Candian side in some pretty rough water! Solid 4-6's with the occasional surprise, the guys held up pretty well! We pulled a full limit for our crew today in some fairly nasty conditions! We had to really work through the short fish to get keepers into the box. It was constant action, peeling through fish as fast as you could bring'em in.

#40 Tru-Trips with worm harnesses 55' to 75' leads.

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07/26/17 - Pooh Bear Charters - 2 boat - short trip.

Corporate group today just wants a quick taste of the experience, so we've only got a few hours to fish! Fishing was a little slower than it had been lately, which we never like to see on our short days... Pooh Bear got on the fish a little better early, I found a nice pocket in the last 15 minutes! Too little, too late! Final score today: Pooh Bear: 17 Pirate Clipper:11 However, a great time was had by all!!!

#40 Tru-Trips with spoons, had leads from 40' to 105' trying to dial something in!

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07/28/17 - Time for PERCHIN' !!!

Strong North wind today creating very tough trolling conditions, so we've opted to go perching instead. Headed up between Green and Rattlesnake Islands for some protection from the weather. This group of 5 anglers boxed 125 perch today! Good size perch, averaging 9-10 inch fish, a few smaller, a few bigger.

Sorry, no photo today! Somehow I didn't even save the map today!

07/30/17 - Great family outing - walleye LIMIT !!!

Ran straight to the area northwest of Gull Shoal / west of Middle Is., landed directly on the walleye!!! Dropped the gear and started pulling in the fish. This family group today was an absolute BLAST to fish with! They learned the technique quickly, and pulled in a full box of walleye!

#40 Tru-Trips with large and small spoons, 75' - 85' leads by far the best.

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07/31/17 - Walleye - limit !!!

If it worked yesterday, try it again today! The area northwest of Gull Shoal has been good, why look anywhere else. This is where we started, and where we finished up today. Had a 6 man limit around noon.

#40 Tru-Trips with spoons, 75' to 85' leads still working.

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08/01/17 - Day 2, same AWESOME Catch!!!

Second day with this group of 4, another limit catch! Trolled the area northwest of Gull Shoal, found that the fish had moved more south since yesterday. Started to break down the gear with 24 fish, ended with 33 in the box.

#40 Tru-Trips with spoons, 75' to 85' back again.

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08/03/17 - Evening walleye quickie!

Tomorrow's group got into town early enough to take advantage of the current weather - because tomorrow looking a bit windy! Went out at 6pm to get them some walleye. Dodged a few passing storms while we were catching fish! Several throwbacks, and 7 keepers, including one Fish Ohio Walleye!

#40 Tru-Trips with spoons, 60' to 75' back.

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08/04/17 - Wind forced us to Perch fish today.

Wind was 20+mph from the SW and gradually increasing all day. We fished the protected water between West Harbor and Lakeside, on and around the clambed. Managed to convince 52 Perch that they would make a good meal for us! Fished with an awesome 1st time group from Wisconsin, and luckily we were able to get them out yesterday evening, while the winds were more favorable, to catch some real nice walleye!

Sorry! No photo today! It's only PERCH!!! Click here to view the map.

08/05/17 - After some Perchies!

Today's trip was an afternoon trip, leaving at 12 Noon. We fished the area east of the monument, and fortunately set up right on a hungry school of willing Perch. Put 210 nice ones in the box, and never moved. I wish all Perch days were like this!

Sorry, the photo is not todays catch - I sometimes forget to take a picture of a cooler of perch. Truthfully, they all look the same anyway!

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08/06/17 - Perch'n Again

Tricky perch day! The bite would start good, then die right away... We'd catch a few, then they'd quit. We moved several times, set up on some great marks, but it was one of those days when ther perch really don't want to cooperate. Took 54 Perch and 1 Walleye home today, but still enjoyed a beautiful day on the water!

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08/07/17 - The wind is our Nemesis!

Did a lot of running around today... started off pulling for walleye, but the recent winds have broken a lot of grass loose, and unfortunately it's clogging up the water where the walleye are! There's a lot of fish still in the area west of Gull Shoal, but the grass has made that too difficult to troll. The area north of Kelley Shoal has cleaner water, with some fish, just not huge numbers. The group decided to switch to perch fishing. Ran up by Taco Bell, put some nice size perch in the box!

Side note: Fishing charters are like anything else - you're going to get out of it exactly what you put into it. If you choose to sit inside the cabin all day, please don't miraculously expect the box to fill itself with fish! Catching limits is a group effort - not you watching me catch fish all day. If you quit on me - shouldn't I quit on you? Positive attitudes create positive results! Rant over, thank you.

Sorry! No photo today! Click here to view the map.

08/08/17 - Short Perch Trip Today

Corporate group today, and they wanted to be in early! Perch fishing was good and steady, with only 4 people fishing, we were able to take their 120 perch, and one BONUS walleye! Got lucky enough to drop the hook right on'em, and never had to move.

Sorry! No photo today! Click here to view the map.

08/26/17 - Walleye - Limit!

Great 1st time group today, father and sons... Fishing was a little slower today, but that is always expected with a limited number of lines in the water. We captured their limit of walleye, and had a great time doing it! We fished the area NW of the Huron Dumping Grounds today.

Pulled #40 Tru-Trips with spoons today, 75' back was best.

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August Summary

I usually don't book August very heavily, because I'm ready for a little break myself! Need some time to take the family on a vacation! Perch fishing was hit or miss it seemed, some boats would do well, while others not so good. Perch fishing improved earlier than expected on the west side of the islands, and seemed to slow down on the east side. But there were always exceptions! They were hard to pattern! Also, I don't always take pictures of perch... I kinda feel like once you've seen one cooler of perch, they all tend to look the same!

The walleye fishing was better in the island area than it has been in previous years. Large numbers of fish seemed to hold in the area just west of Gull Shoal for quite a while. Some days found them more on the shoal, with a good crankbait bite, but most days they continued to suspend in the deeper water to the west. Still some throwbacks, but more keeper size fish most days.

09/08/17 - Perch Trip

The lake is turning over, and the perch have been finicky! Took 73 of 150 today, but had fun doing it!

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09/14/17 - Perch Trip

Is dreadful the right word? Slow perch bite today.. looking for 120, came in with 42. Sometimes they just don't wanna eat! But the crew we had on board made it a great day - good company!

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09/15/17 - Walleye Walleye Walleye!

Another limit catch for these guys! Great group of repeat customers, just wish all the employees would have been able to make it! Pulled a FISH-OHIO walleye, smallmouth, white bass, and sheephead all in one trip!

All Bandits - 45'-65' back today.

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09/16/17 - Perch/Walleye Combo

Tryng to take advantage of the early perch bite, we looked nead Lucy's first. Some marks, few bites. Moved a few times, still few bites. Didn't sound like anyone really doing well. Switched to walleye. Worked the edges of Gull Shoal. Slow but steady on walleye and a few nice smallmouth mixed in! Nice size walleye though!

Pulled Bandits 45'-75' back, no weight.

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09/21/17 - Pooh Bear Charters - Perchin' Today!

Quick perch trip today, as the crew wants to be in early. Needed 120, took 116.

Sorry! No photo today! Click here to view the map.

09/22/17 - Pooh Bear Charters Combo Trip

Started off on the perch, but they didn't want to cooperate today! Ran around the top of Kelley's in search of walleye. Didn't take long to find'em. Fish were coming in quick, ended the day with their limit, plus 10 of the Captain and Mates limit, plus a BONUS 24" Steelhead!

Tru-Trips with spoons, 75' back today.

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09/23/17 AM Trip - Full boat limit!

Fun outing with a great family! Took them no time to figure how to get these fish into the net! Fish were coming so fast at the end, Captain and Mate had our limits too by the time we had the rods put away!

Tru-Trips and small spoons, 55' back.

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09/23/17 PM Trip - Super FAST Walleye fishing again!

Ran this group for TopFlight Sportfishing due to location. Thanks Dave! We set up right where we stroked'em this morning. Fish were still there, and still super active! Easy limit for this group!

Same as earlier, Tru-Trips and Scorpion spoons!

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09/24/17 - Stupid FAST Walleye Action!

Set-up where we've been trolling, had to adjust a little further south, but once we found'em, it was CRAZY!!! Limit catch by 11:00AM. Great group of Pipeline workers today!

Tru-Trips and small Scorpion spoons, 75' back was best.

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09/29/17 - Perch Trip

Slow perch bite again today.... moved a few times looking for something better, but probably should have stayed put. Looking for 150, we boxed 75.

Sorry! No photo today! Click here to view the map.

09/30/17 - Perch/Walleye Combo Trip

Pretty high north winds overnight, supposed to lay down today... We decided to perch fish first and wait for the wind to die down some. Perching was pretty slow, only managed 15 tucked up under Kelleys. Finally had enough, so we braved to rough water for walleye. Headed out east of the island and were able to pick walleye out pretty steadily. Lost quite a few, but you'll have that when you're fishing 6 footers or better.

Tru-Trips and spoons 55'-75' back.

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10-01-17 - Smack-Down on another LIMIT of Walleye!

Day 2 with this same group, with calmer water today we were able to set up on the 'eyes right away. Didn't take long for group to fill the box! Then we spent some time perch fishing. Not a real quick perch bite, but we managed 63 above average size perch.

All Tru-Trips and spoons again, 45'-55' leads were killer!

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10-06-17 - AM Trip - Fast Walleye Limit!

Only needed 24 on this trip, knocked'em down no probem!

Tru-Trips 45' back was best, small spoons.

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10-06-17 - PM Trip - Another Limit of Walleye!

It was so good this morning, we reloaded the boat with fresh fishermen!

Once again, Tru-Trips 45' back, didn't change a thing from this mornings program. Tourney Winner Scorpion spoon has been HOT!

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10-09-17 - AM Trip - FAST Walleye Limit!

Pretty windy! Strong north wind, rough water! Set up east of Kelleys, pulled one long 4nm troll south with the waves. Pulled full limit of 30 keepers and a BONUS Steelhead without turning around!

Tru-Trips 45' back with Scorpion spoons.

Click here to view the Catch! Click here to view the map.

10-09-17 - PM trip - Walleye Limit!

Fished east of Kelley's Island about 2-3nm. Pulled a limit of 30 keepers, took a while to get the last one after the sun went below the horizon. Too dark for a board photo when we got in. Sorry!

Tru-Trips and scorpion spoons 55' back. Had to put a few Bandits out to take the last fish. Nothing on spoons after the sun set below the hoizon.

Click here to view the Catch! Click here to view the map.

10-14-17 - Walleye limit!

Ran to the east side of Kelley's Island. Water fairly dirty after the blow, but the marks were great. Pulled for over a mile, only 3 keepers. Decided to pull our gear in and head east looking for cleaner water. Moved about 9 more miles east. Set up again and it was GAME ON!!! Finished with 37 keepers in under 2 hours out there.

Tru-Trips 45'-55' back with Scorpion and Yeck spoons.

Click here to view the Catch! Click here to view the map.

10-20-17 - Walleye limit!

Fished south and east of Cedar Point dump towards Huron dump. Caught more towards CP. We were looking for BIG fish, not necessarily numbers. Didn't find any HAWGS, so we caught our limit of 30 nice eaters and called it a day.

Pulled #40 Tru-Trips 40'-110' back, with short-lipped Bandits, StrikeKing Walleye Elites, and some Bomber and Rapala stick baits. All short-lipped, shallow diving cranks pulled fine behind #40 Tru-Trips.

Click here to view the Catch! Click here to view the map.

10-21-17 - Walleye limit!

Fished south of Cedar Point dump for walleye. Took 39 keepers. Then went perch fishing off the lighthouse. Dropped the hook and took 23 nice perch, slow but steady. Moved closer in, took only 3. Moved again, ended up near the clambed. Took 4 more there before calling it a day. Heard later that the perch bite was good early, and much further west.

#40 Tru-Trips with Scorpion and Yeck spoons, along with #50 Tru-Trips and Dipsy's pulling Stinger spoons. Walleye fishing was super fast at times.

Click here to view the Catch! Click here to view the map.

10-22-17 - Walleye limit!

Fished east of Kelley's Island. Moderate SE wind in the morning created 2-4' waves. We set up going into the waves, pulled 21 fish before turning around. Wind started to lay back, surface calmed to 2' waves. Continued back NE along same line. Finished with 48 keepers right about where we started.

Pulled #40 Tru-Trips 45'-55'-65' back with Scorpion and Yeck spoons. #50 Tru-Trips 45', and #1 Dispy 1.5 setting at 47' with Stinger Spoons. Super FAST action at the end!

Click here to view the Catch! Click here to view the map.

10-29-17 - Unbelievable Super Smash Fest! Walleye Limit!

Rolled out at 7:30am, stiff breeze from the NW, but surface not bad, 2-3's. Started south of the SE corner of Kelley"s, had fish coming in even before all the rods were set. Near constant action until we finished up. Back at the dock by 12:30pm. With only a 3 person crew of sponsors today, Capt. Nate, DJ, and Jon's son Charlie rode along. Fish were coming in FAST, we were all reeling them in! Captured the full eight limits, since this may be my last trip of the season.

#40 Tru-Trips 40'-50'-60' back, one side pulling Yeck spoons, other side pulling #12 Husky Jerks. #50 Tru-Trips off the back corners, 45' back. Dipsy's 1.5 setting 49' back.

Click here to view the Catch! Click here to view the map.

11-8-17 - AM Walleye Trip - Quick LIMIT !!!

Only 3 hours DOCK-to-DOCK, caught our sponsors 24 walleye plus 5 more for the mate while tearing down the rods! That's about as fast as you want to go!

Same program as we've been running for a while now... #40 Tru-Trips both sides, one side pulling spoons, other side pulling #12 Husky Jerks. The spoon side bite was better set 45' - 55' back, but the HJ12 side bite was much higher, 18', 22', 25' back again. The Tru-Trip / Husky Jerk combo has been hard to beat lately!!!

Click here to view the Catch! Click here to view the map.

11-8-17 - Evening Fall Brawl Trip

We loaded the boat with Fall Brawlers, headed out hoping to catch better size fish. We decided to work the area around Marblehead Lighthouse, as there have been some reports of better size fish caught in the Sandusky Bay area. We concentrated on shallow rock breaks, near shore, targeting 10 to 20 FOW. We caught fish pretty steadily until about 8:30pm, then the fish slid out of the shallows and seemed to quit biting. Marks were great out in 30 FOW, but few takers. Ended up bringing 22 fish, two were near 9 lbs., but no money fish.

Pulled mostly P10's, no weight, 20' to 40' back, and they caught well. Tried several other cranks as well... Jr. Thundersticks caught some fish early, but not as many as the P10's. Bandits caught fish also.

Click here to view the Catch! Click here to view the map.

11-9-17 - Walleye Limit!

Set up just a touch north of where we started yesterday....figured out we should've been just a touch south! Started off a little slow while we searched for them. Pulled east about a mile, picked a few along the way. Turned around, and picked even fewer, until we got just south of where we started - then it became a FIRE DRILL !!! Fish coming in faster than we could cycle the rods! Ended with the full 42 fish boat limit.

#40 Tru-Trips with the HJ12's did well again, but the spoons slacked way off. Ended up switching the spoon side to Bandits. Tru-Trips back 18' to 30', Bandits back 25' to 55'.

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11-12-17 - One LAST Fun Run !!!

Just a few friends onboard today... After the north wind Thursday until Saturday morning, the water down inside dirtied up quite a bit. We ran north of Kelleys and found real clean water. There have been fish caught around the shoal and to the west, so we concentrated in that area. There was a tight pack of boats just above the shoal, so we stayed south and west of them. We didn't head out until noon, and it seems we may have missed an early bite. Started off strong, pulling 6 fish while we set up, and it steadily tapered off to nothing. Fished about 5 hours and came in with 22. Lost 3 more, just in case you're keeping track!

Started with Tru-Trips and HJ12's on one side, Bandits on the other. Eventually switched everything to Bandits. Caught most of the fish high, only 25'-35' back. Started chasing lower marks, and did take a few fish 100'-120' back. Tough to narrow down a solid program, as we'd double up with fish on the deep side and shallow side each time!

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11-13-17 - The "Pirate Clipper" is hibernating!

Pulled the boat today, no more reports for this year! I will be continuing to update this page with reports from earlier this season.

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